Introducing Black Crystal Mountaineering Gaiters

We launched our first high end mountaineering gaiters in Jan. 2010. These gaiters combine durability, breathability, waterproofness and elegance in a single design.

These gaiters are designed and made to meet the needs of high-altitude mountaineering. The upper portion of the gaiters is made of 150D high quality Kevlar waterproof breathable fabric. Kevlar fiber adds more resistance to wear and tear. The lower portion is made of 1000D wear-resistant waterproof fabric.

The front Velcro fasteners are about 2 inches wide so they can be adjusted to fit bigger and smaller calves. They are so light weighted (about 5 to 6 oz each) that once you put them on, you rarely notice them.

The bottom openings are much wider than the top openings to contour to the shapes of your boots. At the end of the front Velcro, there is a small metal hook to tie the gaiter to your shoe lace. This small design concept helps a lot to keep the gaiters in place.

The underfoot instep straps are made of durable professional grade TPU.  TPU was chosen instead of weaved elastic fabric so the straps won’t freeze in snow or ice. With this design, the instep straps can be easily opened or closed in cold weather.

We are confident that our Black Crystal gaiters will make you feel comfortable and protected in mountaineering activities.

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